Neeshad Sultan Is So In Love With His Wife

Neeshad Sultan is so in love with His Wife


To our happy and amazing relationship for what’s it worth Ive never fallen in love with anyone else in my life till u came along and when i held my daughters for the first time.thanks to you…u have been in my life wen i needed u the most the love i found in you i never knew exsisted. I shared more memories with you than my own family and friends an past relationship.. u were not just a friend but u were and up to present my best friend and the one person in this world whom I can give anything for. You have become a part of me and up to now no one can say my name without asking for you…u have make me proud and gave me so much support and encouragement in my life most of all you blessed me with children whom i love and cherish so much.we have been through the worst and the best and yet our relationship is as strong as we can ever imagine. I can never forget the day we kissed in the car for the first time😊. I can never forget the day I didn’t know how much u meant to me until u we touched ,the emotional and physical connection alwats there, can never forget sleepless and countless nights crying laughing on the phone and wishing you were in front of me. We have an amazing friendship and relationship I cannot trade for not even life. My love for u have grown since the first day I met you ..And the first day I met u was love at first sight, I loved your beauty an smile but I admired u because of ur amazing personality. the first thing I would want is to talk to u on the phone for not just a quick conversation but for hours we use to talk about life and everything u had me laughing so hard..i miss some off that but i have you in person..even now i cant believe this is us 9 years after..I would lay in my bed late in the night thinking about marrying you. Yr the most spontaneous person I’ve met all those suprises wen we were dating and even now to me your the most fun caring and beautiful person I’ve met in my entire life. I prayed for 3 years before kate was born for us to get married and I thank god for this day that yr here all the time.. I can see u in front of me and hug u and kiss u as much times as I like,you made me into a better person. All I’m trying to say is thank u for being my better half. I can’t live a day without u and we never gave up on our relationship the best feeling is to wake up every morning next to you and know that I will have you there until I die. We are going in this relationship for 9 years now and I can proudly say that we haven’t given up but instead we spent nights into mornings crying and smiling after. I love u with every beat my heart makes and every blink of my eyes. Thank u for being in my life and I love u sooooo much more than my words or actions can explain…. I hope this means something to you as it comes from my heart, Can’t wait to spend the rest off my life with you and our beautiful kids..

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