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Nekaisha Mohammed


Nekaisha Alicia Mohammed was born and raised in Mohammed Street Tunapuna. she was born on 3/11/1988. She attended the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School and then attended Asja Girls college. She appreciates all cultures,but Indian Tradition and it’s music have always meant something special to her. She grew up in an Indian home and Indian music is what she had always been accustomed too.

Nekaisha remembered waking up every morning to her dad playing all those famous hits from Rafi Mohammed and Lata Mangeshkar. These are some of the memories that is dear to her. However singing really started of for her at the age of nine when she and her younger sister would attend masjid and she would always be called upon to sing Quaseedas.

Nekaisha entered Eldorado Village Council first talent show where she place first in 2017 and third place in 2018. She was also a contestant in the ever popular Mastana Bahar whilst she don’t know where music would take her. Nekaisha’s dream was to always remain humble and continue singing  and using her gift to inspire others. Growing up she came from very humble beginnings.

She says that her mother especially sacrificed a lot for her and  her sisters. She hopes to one day be in a better position so that she can help her.One of her biggest inspirations is Mr. Amit sagram for he has always been a pillar of hope and encouragement for her and you can expect to see a lot more from me as Nekaisha plans to do all it takes to reach her greatest potential where music is concerned.

Author- Sangeeta Harrypersad D’Songstar






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