Nishard Mayrhoo Commemorates World Down Syndrome Day 2020

Nishard Mayrhoo commemorates World Down Syndrome Day 2020


As we continue to stay #indoors and practice #SocialDistancing, welcome to the #RockYourSocksChallenge!.
Today is #WorldDownSyndromeDay. A day of raising awareness for our brothers and sisters living with #DownSyndrome. Through my #DetourStores family, I’ve had the chance to regularly interact with these amazing kids and when I tell you, I’ve never seen kids who are filled with more #love and #enthusiasm! Many times persons have the misconception that these kids want some sort of special treatment when the truth is they just want to be #included and treated the #same.
All I ask of you, grab a pair of #mismatched socks right now (these represent the extra chromosome), throw them on, take a pic and post it today to raise awareness for the cause. You’re already bored at home, why not take a moment to do something great!💥Feel free to tag me and I’ll repost.
#RockYourSocks #RaiseAwareness #DoSomethingGreat
#Inclusion #nishardM.

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