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Original Content is Easier to Market Online


Just some thoughts i feel i wanted to share with you all.

Lesson to my fellow artist,create more ORIGINAL content which can be marketed online.Live events wont be back soon.
This is a lesson to be learnt and appreciated.this covid has taught us so artistes change is necessary.cause this entertainment business changes daily.

live events has changed drastically.everything is ONLINE.the www has taken over overall.we as Bentley Records artistes are warned about this every day.Now we need to capitalise on it.And that will mean we need to adjust our mentality towards the game.because online everything is monitored,by that i mean copyright is being paid attention to.lots of software program is out here that can track a piece of music if its sampled unlawfully.this is why i applaud DENation and their movement on original music.

Another area to pay attention to is the listening ear online whose willing to pay and download your content.
Our material can only reach far if its pleasing to the ear of the wider world and each area of the market has different listening study yours carefully.(keep in mind certain master copy of songs may be compressed by spotify to match their criterias if it’s to be sold on their platform) that’s another area to look into with your music.the aggregators/distributors has certain requirements.

finally,im seeing a few soca artist doing this and I think all artists in the caribbean should look into it.making your music easy it whatever will be more marketable.

I do hope you all take my advice in a positive receptive mindset.

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