Payoji Maine Meaning & Translation

पायो जी मैं ने राम रतन धन पायो …

One of the greatest devotees ever born in India, Meera Bai talks about receiving the most valuable wealth- the wealth of the name of the Lord..

Rama, here is used as a symbol to denote the ‘Supreme Being’..

Payoji maine- I’ve been bestowed with

Ram Ratan- the wealth of Lord’s blessing

Dhan paayo- this wealth, I’ve received.

वस्तु अमोलिक दी मेरे सतगुरु, किरपा करी अपनायो .

She then says, My Guru bestowed me with priceless gift.. and I accepted his kind blessings with gratitude!

Vastu: gift of the name of the Lord (treasure)

Amolik: priceless

जनम जनम की पूँजी पाई, जगमें सभी खोवायो .

I found the most coveted treasure of several lifetimes.. but lost the worldly mundane possessions in this world..

Poonji: treasure

खरचै न खूटै, चोर न लूटै, दिन दिन बढ़त सवायो .

This treasure (of Lord’s name) doesn’t get extinguished nor is it stolen by the thieves.. infact it increases manifold day by day!

Badhat savaayo: increases manifold

सत की नाव, खेवटिया सतगुरु, भवसागर तर आयो .

The boat of truth is rowed by my guide Guru… enabling me to cross this ocean of life!

Khewatiya: boat rower

मी रा के प्रभु गिरिधर नागर हरख हरख जस गायो .

My beloved is my Lord Krishna.. I sing his praise in ecstacy and joy!!

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