Boodram Budram Holass

Boodram Holass – Phoolan Kay Haar


Boodram (Budram) Holass sings Phoolan Kay Haar. This song is a 2015 Traditional Chutney and Hindi Composition sung by Chutney Legend & Chatham King, Budram (Boodram) Holass. This is real chatak matak and we have provided the english translation to aid you understanding.


Raja toray aasan phoolan kay haar
The King has decorated his throne with lots of flowers

Ek mahalo me raja basata hai
Dekho raani tu karlo bahaar bahaar
The King lived in a palace, while the queen provided his entertainment

Ek ghar me toray dulaha basat hai
Dulahinia tu karlo bahaar bahaar
Similarly a dulaha resides in his house, while his wife provides the entertainment for him.

Ek mahala me mousa basata hai
Dekho mouse tu karlo bahaar bahaar
My uncle lived in his palace while my aunt provided entertainment for him

Ek ghar me bhaiya basata hai
Dekho bhouji tu karla bahaar bahaar
My brother lives in his house and my sister in law provides his entertainment.