Pramila Chanderbose – Gauri Biyahan

Pramila Chanderbose Gauri Biyahan


Pramila Chanderbose is a baithak gana singer and who made a clip with a song for the wedding before the dulha go to the dulahin.

Wedding song by: Pramila Chanderbose
Harmonium by : Feroz Chedi & Pramila Chanderbose.
Dholak by : Satish Bhola
Dhantaal by: Vinay Ramautar
Keyboard by Feroz Chedi.
Mixed and Mastered F.C Audio by Feroz Chedi
Special thanxx to: NAPSTER PRO Studio
Clipshoot by : Photodesigns Amit Bhoera
Facebook / Insta: Pramila Chanderbose Parie


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