Prince Jp – Don’t Come Back

Prince JP- Don't come back [Official music video] (2022 Chutney soca)
Prince JP- Don't come back [Official music video] (2022 Chutney soca)


Prince Jp- Don’t come back [Official music video] (2022 Chutney soca)

Artist: Prince JP
Title: Don’t come back
Producer: Maha Productions
Writer and performer: Joel “Prince JP” Pharous
Background vocals: Amit D
Studio: Prince JP studio

Video credits:
Director: Joel Pharous and SR photography
Director of cinematography, cinematographer producer: SR photography
Video Editor: SR photography
Video Engineer: Steven Ramphal
Lead Actress: Monica Lackeyram
Lead Actors: Prince JP and Marlon Lackeyram
Graphic Design: Colorset designs

Special thanks to: Rishi Mahato, Team jp, Molly, Marlon, Monica, Ravin, Steven, Chris

Sponsored by:
Vector Utility consultants LLC
Rondell’s M&R Firefest
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