Afsose To Rukhsat Qaseeda

Randy B – Afsose To Rukhsat Qaseeda



Randy B – Afsose To Rukhsat Qaseeda

I’m so very proud of Randy Bhagwandin he fasted all Ramadan with me, now he’s reciting a Qaseeda bidding farewell to Ramadan. The name of the Qaseeda is Afsose To Rukhsat which means Oh Ramadan you are leaving us today. Please enjoy 🤲🤲🤲🕋🕋🕋


Afsose to rukhsat huwa maahay mubaarak alwida
Roro kay dil nay yun kaha maahay mubaarak alwida.

Mudaat say thhay ham muntazirr, shukray khuda aaya
to firr,
Parr haif jaldee chaldiya mahay mubaarak alwida.
Qur-an bhee n aazil huwa hamko sharuf haasil huwa
Ai wa-ay meyn gaafil raha maahay mubaarak alwida.

Parrhtay thhay Qr-an rozr-o- shab kehtay thay subhaan
loge sab,
Harr lahz thha furrhat fuza maahay mubaarak alwida.

Parrh-ta thaa sunnat ko-e jab ya ko-e parrtha mustahab
paa-ta sawaab ek farz ka maahay mubaarak alwida.

Ab kooch hai payshay nazarr aankhon main ashk aatay
hain bharr,
Karrta hai dil aaho buka maahay mubaarak alwida.

Oh ramadan you are leaving us today ,
Our hearts are weeping, farewell to you we say,
For months we watched and waited in anxiety
You came at last to lead us on the road to piety.
But suddenly we realised that you that yo must go
Your term has ended, a fact that we should know
For everything has got an end except almighty allah
Who made us all, the master and the creator,
Oh Ramadan, What blessings thou didst bring
Al Qur’an. the holy guide, the versed that we sing
The taraaweh Prayers we offered in congregation
We bowed our heads in Allah’s adoration
Oh Ramadan, come back again, we hope to meet you
With weeping heart we take our leave from you
Our hearts are heavy we say adieu adieu adieu.


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