Rennie Ramnarine unable to Breathe

Most people wake up each morning and take a deep breath, filling their lungs with precious oxygen. This morning, like many other mornings my husband was unable to have his fill of oxygen while undergoing dialysis treatment and had to be rushed to hospital.
As many of you know my husband is a very private person but we have been sharing his journey of renal failure with you all in the hopes that his journey will help you all to have a better understanding of the causes, effects and treatments available and in so doing become a source of education and hope to many who are currently struggling with this disease locally and internationally.
Fluid accumulation in the lungs is yet another side effect of renal failure which can be further exacerbated by the onset of the virus which Rennie started showing symptoms of yesterday. His immune system has weakened considerably during the last few months as his kidneys have deteriorated making it very easy for him to catch the common cold or virus.
I know everyone is very worried about his health but right now all we can do for him is to pray. I also know that my husband possesses the strength of a lion and the soul of an angel and he will not give up easily. He has been fighting this battle for months now publicly and privately and he will continue to fight against renal failure as we continue to pray that he receives a kidney soon.
At this point in time Rennie is unable to respond to any messages, posts and calls and essentially his body needs as much rest as possible. I humbly ask that as you send out prayers to the Divine that you also keep in mind that we are both only human and both of us are dealing with different situations at this time. It has been a very challenging time physically and emotionally for both my husband and myself and we do appreciate all your love and prayers.
The Rocket Launcher will be back with a bang when he is able to. We thank you all for your unwavering support and love at this time. God bless.

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