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Born Rishi Roland Gayadeen on July 6th. 1974 in south Trinidad to proud parents Capil and Zalina Gayadeen, the eldest of three (3) siblings, Rishi showed extreme interest in music at an early age and started piano lessons at age 6. He exceled in learning music and completed his London exams up to grade five (5).
His father was the leader and keyboardist of his own band, Gayatones.

Eager to learn an understand this instrument, Rishi would attend Gayatones rehearsals, admiring his father while he played. He would sometimes get a chance to play the tambourine or bongo drums but his love was the keyboard and he became his father’s protégé.

Rishi began his musical career when he eventually joined his father’s band at the tender age of twelve (12) in October of 1986 and was one of the youngest keyboardist at the time, playing alongside his mentor, his father, India Bollywood music. He later became the leader in 1996 at the age of twenty two (22).

His first taste of competition was Saaj Samelan in 1988.

Together with his father in the 1988 they placed 5th. at the Mastana Bahar finals.

This dynamic duo of father and son, once again entered a nationwide instrumental competition and won first place beating out eight other finalists in 1990.

In 1994 as a solo keyboardist, Rishi took 5th. place at the Mastana Bahar finals. In 2011 he entered the competition once again, this time winning the first place title with another electrifying performance thus captivating the grand prize of $75,000 from the Ministry of Culture.

A multi-talented force to be reckoned with and outstanding musical abilities Rishi is also a one man musician that can perform flawlessly at any given moment, for any artiste at any time in any genre of music.

Rishi’s illustrious recording career started at the age of 15 when he was hired by Ajeet Preemsingh and Moonsar Chankar who were chutney executive producers, to work alongside Kenny Phillips at KMP studios in South Trinidad .

Rishi has created and recorded music for world renowned artistes in soca, chutney soca, traditional chutney, parang, parang soca, and dancehall.
Rishi has recorded for prominent international artistes such as, Machel Montano, Iwer George, Kess, Ras Shorty, Elephant man, Vibez Kartel Sundar Popo, Rikki Jai, Drupatee, Marcia Maranda, Oscar B, Crazy, Lady Saw, Sizzla, Hemlata Dindial, Rakesh Yankaran, Rasika Dindial, Suresh Maraj, Cecil Fonrose , Sam Boodram, Massive Gosine, Heeralal Rampartap, Shiva Lakhan, Angela Ramoutar, Daddy Chinee, Neeshad Sultan, Adesh Samaroo, Vedesh Sookoo, Sonny Mann, Anil Bheem, Nadia Madoo, Omardath Maharaj and many others.

The first single Album that was recorded by Rishi was titled T&TEC Gayatones Mashing up the Place, was released in 1998. This was a smash hit in the Chutney Industry. It became a household name thus, beginning his vast worldwide touring career.
As a Trinidadian born musician Rishi has travelled extensively. Countries where he performed throughout his musical journey includes: North America, Canada, England, Guyana, Suriname, India, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, Tortuga an Island off the coast of Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas .

To add to his many accolades, his credentials in the music industry include:
Musical director for the following:
• Chutney Monarch – 4 years
• Chutney Soca Monarch – 11 years
• NCIC Kishore Competition – 2018
• Lake Asphalt Competition – 15 years.

Rishi Gayadeen shines as he takes center stage and is technically flawless at his craft.

In April of 2019 he formed his own band RG THE BAND and tours with well-known North American Promoter Derrick Ragoonath of Gemini Productions.

Rishi honors tradition in the Chutney Music arena. His attention to details, skill in musical arrangement and even writing and singing back ground vocals has made him an excellent musician. He has also worked beside Mr. Fareed Mohammed of FM Studios, to continue creating hit after hit in this particular genre of music, consistently working hard to promote original music.

His versatility has always kept him on top of his game throughout the years always keeping his musical productions modern and powerful. He especially finds joy in working with young and upcoming talent, giving of his time and expertise to mold them into the newest generation of stars.

Rishi continues to inspire with his outstanding musical capabilities as he continues to create his legacy through hard work, determination and dedication. His eagerness and enthusiasm as a performer has made him a true virtuoso of his God given talent as his musical journey continues.

Written by Jael Alibocus-Gayadeen.

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