Rishi Nowbutt


Rishi Nowbutt is an attorney at Law by Profession and was a former Full time Commissioner at the Environmental Court of Trinidad and Tobago. He is also a Part-time Business hmmm Law Lecturer and Part time Radio Presenter.

Mr. Nowbutt, only started music less than a year ago with the first song being a collaboration with Reshma Ramlal called Dekha Na Hai (Boywood Cover). After that song because of the amount of air play, this motivated Mr. Nowbutt to record 5 more songs one of which was a collaboration a with the Hurricane Heamlata caller Avinnashi.

Also, Mr Nowbutt recorded his first solo orginal traditional chutney song call MAUSUM HAI SUHANA.

Music happen by accident for Mr. Nowbutt as he only recorded his first song to make a point to someone and never expected to even have the song release on radio. However, that all changed and now music as sort of taken over his life. Sometimes while he is in court he would be planning his next song in his head. Music is a form of relaxation for Mr. Nowbutt to distract him from the daily pressures of life and work.

Mr. Nowbutt also had the opertunity to perform in Oklahoma recently and in West Palm Beach in Florida in late 2019.

Mr. Nowbutt should win the Sangeet chutney Cup because his song is an original traditional chutney song that is in pure Hindi with no english. Also, the song is based on love, loyalty and respect. For Mr. Nowbutt to win the Sangeet Chutney Cup this would mean the world to him because it would be a major achievement because he only started music within a year.

Traditional chutney music is a dying art form and it should be Preserved. Radio have power. Radio have the power to influence people, thus traditional chutney should be promoted.
Sangeet 106.1fm have the power to influence listeners especially the young people to appreciate orginal chutney music.

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