A Virtual Musical Journey: The Rising Star Challenge 2020

Rising Star Challenge 2020

A Virtual Musical Journey: The Rising Star Challenge 2020

Ranjeev Ramdeen, a prominent and admired musical star of Trinidad, has a dream to discover hidden talents in the Indo-Caribbean Community. A quest which began and was launched in 2019. With just a handful of contestants, they took to the stage. The winners went on to showcase their talents and have continued to grow and do amazing things.

This year, Ranjeev and Anil Sukul of Duniya Movements have teamed up. Although, it feels as if time has stood still around the globe and there was no hope. They paved a way to keep Ranjeev’s dream going. With much research, hard work and financial investments, the duo began the search for Rising Stars to take on the virtual stage via social media. Within a week, they discovered and started mentoring ten contestants from the Indo-Caribbean communities across America. In a matter of days the anticipation and excitement amongst new fans started to build.

Finally, with judges from near and far, nervous contestants and a brilliant tech team the first virtual episode was launched. Their attempt to be a part of something within our community which has never been taken on, was well executed.

The journey continues, as they all compete in the final week. The five youngest contestants have shown their singing and musical capabilities and made it to the finals.

Who will be the next “Rising Star of 2020”? Tune in to find out.

Remember, to help the youth of today grow and uphold our culture. To do this, we must encourage them. Do not speak against or put them down.

The writer of this article chooses to stay anonymous. We are honored that you took the time to recognize our efforts. Thank you 🙏🏾

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