Sam Boodram White

Sam Boodram advises Young Singers “Your health is your Wealth!”


Just an update on Uncle Sam.

Ustaad Sam Boodram (Uncle Sam) had clinic yesterday where he did some blood test. He is resting comfortably at his home in Cumoto and taking his medications.

Asked on how is he doing, he said, “Ah dey boy, taking it one day at a time”.

Having just spoken with him moments ago, he said that at 87 there isn’t much he can do again.

He advised that you can have all the money in the world but your health is your wealth. Asked whether the Cumoto Lion can still roar, he said, of course I can still sing and then he began to sing a piece of his favourite classical song, Mano Mano.

He thanked everyone for the concerns and prayers and sends his love.

– Biraha Raja

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