Sangeeta Harrypersad (D’Songstar)

Meh Husband By Sangeeta Harrypersad (d'songstar)


Trinidadian born nightingale Sangeeta Harrypersad is also known as D’Songstar. She was born into the Ramlal family on 26th March 1990 and resides in Clarke Road Penal where she had made most of her childhood memories.She attended Parvati Girls Hindu college and furthered her studies with A  Levels at Siparia Senior Secondary School. Her mother’s name is Chandrakala Ramlal, her fathers name is Harold Ramlal and she has three brothers and one sister.Her love for singing started at a tender age,where she sang at mandirs and family functions.She grew up singing with no vocals training,but she knew that singing made her happy. One childhood memory of hers was when her uncles and aunts gave her money and in return she had to sing their favourite songs. This was something that played  an important role in her becoming a part of who she is today.

Sangeeta is known for her melodious and captivating personality.When she sings she captivates her audience with her voice and her uniqueness.She definitely has her  own originality and style which is simplicity and thats is what makes her unique.

At the age of 17yrs she became even more determined than ever. She knew from that moment that singing was her passion.Her family was her main inspiration at that age.She was encouraged to push herself forward because her family recognised her true potential.

Her mum was the one who first registered her to enter the ever popular Mastana Bahar competition. At first she did’nt excel,but after continuously entering the competition.She eventually excelled and became a two times grand finalist. This was a stepping stone for her. Her passion for music grew even more intense as she decided to take it to another level.

Sangeeta then saw the need to push herself,as she knew that she had promising talent. She eventually went to the Sangeet School Of Music where she took two years of Classical vocals training.She then entered the MGCO 21 yrs and under Talent Competition and excelled as a three times Grand Finalist an in the year 2018 she was a Semi  Finalist in The first Ncic Songs Of kishore Kumar Competition held by NCIC.

As years passed  by she wanted to explore other form of music,so from singing bhajans she went on tofilm songs and immediately she.fell in love with it,until finally she developed a a great passion for Chutney. Financially life was a struggle,but with the asistance of friends and family and her hard work and determination. She moved forward and was able to pull through with all the struggles.

In the year 2015 she officially recorded her first cover track “Samajhawan” which has airtime on most of the local indian radio stations.This song gained her a bit of recognision. It was after this she sang with the “Taurus Band” for 2 yrs and the “Revibez Band” for 2 yrs. She also recorded covers of “Dheere Dheere se” ‘,’Gerua”,”sanson ne”, and in the year 2018 she wrote and recorded her 1st original_chutney -“Badtalking you”  and and in 2019 her second original Chutney.This time she headed the direction of traditional style Chitney ans she recorded an orginal Chutney “Meh Husband which became very popular. Sangeeta is still working.hard,recording and releasing new tracks.

Sangeeta is now one of the frontlines singers For “The Illusionzz Crossover Band” and is also a solo artiste,while freelancing with other big bands.


  • Dancing,hiking,charity and she enjoys spending time at the beach.
  • She enjoys home cooked food especially her mothers cooking
  • Her favourite foods are-dhal,rice and bhajee and salads
  • Her favourite drinks are-Smirn off,margaritas and coffee
  • Her favourite snacks are- popcorn and choclate
  • She enjoys reading romantic novels
  • She enjoys attending mandirs and religous functions
  • She not like backstabbers and cheaters


As an upcoming artiste Sangeeta will like to work with some of her idol local artistes such as : Raymond Ramnarine,Rasika Dindial and Ravi B.She also will be working harder towards becoming recognised for her talent in future.Sangeeta  says apart from music,one off the most important thing in  her world is her family,her daughter and her husband.She enjoys spending quality time with them and wont give it up for anything in the world.Finally she says that-” music makes her happy in her darkest and toughest days and that nothing is impossible,dont give up on your dreams,hard work pays off.”


Author- Sangeeta Harrypersad D’Songstar

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