Sham Sundar By Pritivi Bheem


Pritivi Bheem Does A Cover Of The 2016 Hit Sham Sundar, originally Sung By: Prematee Bheem, Recorded By Pritivi Of The Bmrzempire.


श्याम सुन्दर गगरी उठावे
Shyām sundar gagarī uṭhāwe
(The beautiful dark earthen pot I lift)
हमार गले मुंगे के माला
Hamār gale munge ke mālā
(On my neck the ruby chain)

बलमा उठावे महला दो महला
Balamā uṭhāwe mahalā do mahalā
(My beloved, builds two palaces)
देवरा उठावे सीवाला
devrā uṭhāwe sīwālā
(My small brother-in-law erects as temple)

जेठा उठावे महला दो महला
Jeṭhā uṭhāwe mahalā do mahalā
(My big brother-in-law builts two palaces)
बलमा उठावे सीवाला
Balamā uṭhāwe sīwālā
(My beloved erects a temple)
Dr Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani.


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