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Shivam Rajaram


Shivam Rajaram (born on 22 February 2002) is a dutch-born 18 years old talented Surinamese Hindustani Baithak Gana singer born in the Hague,
the Netherlands. He started with Baithak Gana singing and harmonium lessons when he was merely 12 years old. After taking many lessons and
with the support of his friends and families, he began to pursue his career in music and was on stage every weekend, strong in his shoes for performing for crowds of people on all occasions. He brings the traditional baithak gana to the audience with a modern touch. Shivam has graced the presence from small house parties to large festivals.

In 2015, shivam eventually started its own music group, called Shivam and friends and in 2016 with an official band name:
baithak gana group natraj, named after the god of Hinduism Shiva, is also seen as the lord of the dance. He did so
together with his big brother Aatish Rajaram, who is also the manager of the band.

Baithak gana group natraj has been around for 3 years now. In the meantime they have released 2 albums and 1 music video named “lote bhoudjie mashup”, which he is mostly been popularized in. On their YouTube channel / Instagram / Facebook: bggnatraj you can listen to a lot of their music and follow latest posts regards to new music, upcoming tracks and live performance.

Message from Shivam Rajaram:

“What I want to say to everyone: always keep believing in yourself! It doesn’t matter what you do, but always keep following your dreams. The
correct support of the people in your immediate environment is also very important, because without the support of them, I would not be where I
am now! “always make your dreams come true.”

Aatish Rajaram
Band manager






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