Benjai bashes Dil e Nadan

Popular Soca Artiste bashes a Chutney Band



Soca Star Benjai bashes promoter for booking chutney cover band Dil E Nadan for a carnival fete.He said it’s wasting time booking a cover band when they are singing over artist songs who are also booked to perform at the same event.He goes on to say that Dil E Nadan need to go in the studio and record original songs of their own and stop singing over artists song

This is what Dil E Nadan Management had to say:

Soca and Carnival belongs to every Creed and Race
Wrong information is common in today’s world. Anyone can put up a Video make false statements and we as a people will share it and more so people who don’t know the truth will now mislead others just like the person making the video. At present we are on the road with Peter Minshall. Within the next couple days I will share the right information to the public when I speak to our Lawyers. Have a blessed and safe Carnival everyone. We continue to work hard and spread positive messages through music. #notoracism #onelove #dilenadan
We will prayer for the person sharing misleading information as I just got info that other artistes are praying for him to overcome his problem.


Some Notable Reactions

Raymond Ramnarine wrote:

People who hate you because of a mere jealousy over your success hurt themselves in disguise. This is because you carry an image of who they wish they had become. Don’t hate them back because they may also become like you one day and it will mean hurting that image you carry!” Happy carnival.

Dj Shiva wrote:

He mentioned ravi b, did benjai forget ravi’s own songs? Ah drinka, cyah come, rum is meh lover, prescription, start over, bread, overdoing it, budget, dularie, upness, omalay with superblue, headshot and so much more, also does roy cape and a team band not sing some covers as well? Looks like he only choose the indian bands, he exposed his heart. He mentioned it’s not a chutney event? No benjai it’s an event for everyone, I thought chutney soca was part of the culture of Trinidad? Only half the population is from that culture, also do you see the amount of different mixed races in these events? All these all inclusive events has majority indian folks, and this is how you speak of the artist from that part of the culture of Trinidad? As I said you exposed your heart mr benjai, I still like your music unfortunately not your heart. Blessings everytime sir. One love.

Former Dil E Nadan Member – Kishore Wizzy Ramdath

To the few chutney artistes who were rejoicing when they heard a soca artiste bashing dil e nadan, remember hear the facts first . Our Indian people are really crab in barrels. Not because of my affiliation with DEN i am taking for them , my problem is we love to bring down our own . None of you chutney artistes were there and quick to judge all because we love to hear negativity about another in our industry . Dil e nadan have been flying our flags high together with Karma and Ki Band in carnival for years .

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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