Sudesh Sooknarine's Dad Has Passed Away

Sudesh Sooknarine’s Father Soondar has Passed Away


This is the only post I never wanted to write 😞
For those that don’t know me well life was hard growing up , having no money and being a fat teen had its disadvantages like bullying and being laughed at by girls etc but one man who always supported me and gave me hope and made me feel I was worth something ,he worked all his life for his family and music , he introduced me to the music world at STD 5 level,he was my company, my riding partner everywhere I went , he was by best friend, he was my first ❤️ and will always be but the all mighty wanted your company more than me today 😞 I will ❤️ you till the day I die papy
Miss you my father my ❤️

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