Sweet Like Jamun By Pooran Seeraj (2019 Chutney soca)

Sweet Like Jamun Poster
Sweet Like Jamun Poster


Sweet Like Jamunis A 2019 Chutney Soca Sung By Pooran Seeraj, This Track Was Produced By Bunty Singh In The BKVJ Studios.

Berbice is a place, weh coolie gyal ah waste
When they come to chutney show, they mashin’ up de place
This gyul could really dance, from mornin’ till noon
When she buss a wine on me, it sweet like jamoon

Verse 1
Them coolie gyul from Berbice could really wuk dem waist
When they hear chutney music, they mashin’ up de place………X2
She jump up on the stage when I buss my chutney chune………X2
She buss a wine on me and it sweet like jamoon

Verse 2
Ah marry this Berbice gyul because she look so fine
Ah cannot live without she, she really blow my mind………… X2
I take way to New York to spend we honeymoon………… X2
She buss a wine on me and it sweet like jamoon



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