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Ram City by Vee Ram

Description We all have demons in our life. It takes on many different forms. Don’t let that make you fall. Rise from the Oppression. This song is about being able to open up and talk about victimization, bullying, mental fatigue and depression from all of the bad characters in this world and in the end rise up from… Read More »

Trini Woman Curry Tasting Better by Vee Ram

Description NEW VEE RAM | TRINI WOMAN | CHUTNEY SOCA 2020, Song: Trini Woman, Artiste: Vee Ram, Produced by Kevin Khan at KK Studios, Co Produced by Mahindra Ramdhan, Prince Bhajman and Vee Ram, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Khan at KK Studios, Recorded at KK Studios, Written by Vee Ram, Background Vocals by Vee Ram.