Vee Ram x Anthony Batson – Like You Do

Vee Ram x Anthony Batson - Like You Do
Vee Ram x Anthony Batson - Like You Do


Vee Ram x Anthony Batson – Like You Do

Veeram x Anthony Batson x Maha – Like You Do (Official Video) Chutney Soca 2022
Title: Like You Do
Artistes: Vee Ram & Anthony Batson.
Produced: Maha Productions.
Mixed and Mastered by Rishi Mahato.
Music: Rishi Mahato, Kevin Khan & Mahindra Ramdhan.
Melody and Lyrics by Vee Ram.
Background Vocals by Natalie Yorke & Vee Ram.
Artwork by Himraj Bir.
Video Production: Dinesh Maharaj (DJ Din) of Enhanced Media Systems Ltd.
Fx & Lighting by Light My Event Concepts.
Actors: Kyle Mulchan and Amrit Lochan.
Actresses: Simone, Tina & Shivana of Simone’s Dance Academy.
Executive Producer: Vee Ram.

Special Thanks to: DJ Nyo of AV Concepts Ltd, Simone’s Dance Academy, Amrit Lochan & Kyle Mulchan.

Song Licensed to Vee Ram by The Copyright Music Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT), permission is needed to upload tracks to any musical platforms.


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