Terence Sookbir Bhola Baba

Terence Sookbir – Bhola Baba



Terence Sookbir – Bhola Baba

Adopted From And In Memory Of The Late Mr. Anand Yankarran

Chorus: Vinita Singh

Harmonium: Anil Sukul

Dholak: Shivan Lakhan


On January 2nd, 2017 around 7am the world lost a legend. As for me, Anand Yankarran was an idol, a father figure, and a guru. Coming up on this auspicious time of Maha Shivraatri, I chose to put this song out because I believe Lord Shiva is Maha Guru and I feel as though this is the most auspicious time to pay respect to all forms of the guru. I sang this song with a heavy heart, tears flowing from my eyes because all that was running through my mind was the short, yet indescribable memories I have of him. His technique of singing was one that could never be replicated. This song was done out of love and appreciation not only for me but for the world. He changed music and gave it a whole new meaning. I was so fortunate to be able to bow to his feet and receive his blessings. Regardless of what the world saw, he was that much of a role model to me. It pains me that one of the things Anand asked me years ago was to record one of his songs before he left this material world and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it while he was alive. I felt that everything that was done in memory of him still wasn’t enough to pay tribute to him in the way he deserved. This made it a burning desire to complete one of his wishes. Some of his words to me were, when I sang, it made his blood crawl and in his time not a lot of people could’ve done that for him. These words will forever stick with me along all of the great experiences we had together. He will always live on through my music because his inspiration will forever be within me.


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