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Rikki Jai – The Remedy



Rikki Jai the Jaimaster sings a 2018 Chutney Soca adaption of Jaoon Kahan Bata Aye Dil the megahit song from the 1959 black and white movie, Chhoti Bahen and was originally sung by Mukesh. The song became a Chutney superhit in 2018 when it was covered by Rakesh Yankaran & Raymond Ramnarine.

Song: The Remedy
Artiste: Rikki Jai
Producer: Big Rich
Music: Prince Bhajman
BG Vocals: Terri Lyons
Lyrics: Rikki Jai, Kelvin Kissoon & Big Rich
Mix & Master: Big Rich


The Remedy
Written by Rikkijai Kelvin Kissoon and Big Rich

Gyal yuh meet
Me in ah bar
Liming wit
Meh padnas
yuh Talking like
meh fadda
Acting like
meh mudder
You telling me what to do
Which friend I
Could talk to
Listen gyal
what I say
You cyah
Change meh no way

Bring ah bottle ah rum for my
Rite now dat is meh remedy
Take pass and leh we make a memory
Rum is what makes a man happy
Bring ah bottle ah rum for me
Rite now that is meh remedy
Turn left or right cheers wit yuh padnas
Gyal ent you know Ah was ah drinker
Bring ah bottle ah rum for me

Every time meh phone ring
Meh padnas dey laughing
You On the phone threatening
With meh children yuh leaving
Gyal ah blind man could see
All you try
to change me
I cyah come
home sober
just cyah take de pressure

Now you whole famaly
Like they out
to kill me
Calling me
a cheater
Because rum is meh lover
Is Only
your Nani
Say beta
doh worry
Life is short
Make it sweet
There’s more fishes
in the sea



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