Nishal B Balkissoon - Love No One Again Top 10 Countdown – 16th September 2021

85 views Top 10 Countdown – 16th September 2021,

  1. Nishal B Balkissoon – Love No One Again
  2. Dilip Denesh Maharaj – Aawo Aawo Ganapati Deva
  3. Raymond Ramnarine x Rakesh Yankaran – Tujhe Suraj
  4. Nalini Ramnarine – Ah Doh Trust Dem Man
  5. Videsh Sammy – Drinking You Daru
  6. Ashrika Persad – Har Khushi
  7. Amit Dookram – Teri Khair Mangdi
  8. Sexi Marissa & Terry Gajraj – Tippy Toe
  9. Nisha Bissambhar – Jab Jab Bahar
  10. Mukesh Colai & Karishma Dhowtal – Sajda

Note Well: ONLY WEBSITE Views and NOT YouTube, Facebook Views and Radio Plays considered in this countdown. 

One view = One vote – Our ranking system is simple, the songs with the highest views for the week ending Thursday will place in the countdown.

To increase the probability of ranking well in the countdown, artistes are advised to share their website link(s). Only songs on the Website will be considered for the countdown.

You may choose to advertise your song on the Front Page of the website for maximum exposure. To promote your song please contact us.

To get your song into the pool is free and easy and is done either by Contacting Us , Email or via Dropbox.’s Top Ten Countdown is a weekly countdown done every Thursday at 10am. The countdown consists of ChutneyChutney SocaBollywood Covers and Bhajans from Non Resident Indians entered into our website’s pool.

Ranking is determined by the number of views, searches, comments and social shares a (song) post receives on

Intuitively, in order to rank higher, you must and get more sustained searches, comments and social shares on your post as possible within that week period.

How to get more views?

The tried and tested formula apart from having a huge following is “Quality over Quantity!”.

Artists can use these guidelines:

  • Sing on key
  • Use least amount of pitch correction unless it is for vocal styling
  • Have well produced, mixed and mastered songs
  • Have clean, clear high definition images
  • Where text is used on images, let the colours bet contrasting.
  • Provide songs lyrics (Fans love this, as do we because it helps you rank higher in Google Search for example)

This guideline list is not exhaustive.

You may also choose to promote your post. Find out more by contacting us via whatsapp.

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