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Tum Sath Ho – Raymond Ramnarine & Dil E Nadan



Raymond and Dil E Nadan continue to stand out with their style and leadership in the Chutney-Soca, Local Bollywood and Soca market here in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Globe.

After successful releases like Khone Lage, Nack Ah Ting and Good Vibez, Raymond and DEN have decided to answer the call of their fans and deliver what was promised, “Vintage Raymond”.

Here is #RaymondRendition of the song ‘Tum Sath Ho’.

“You are with me for life”

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Video Credits
Directed By: Enhanced Media Systems Ltd (Dj Din)
Cameras: Dinesh Maharaj
Edited by: Dinesh Maharaj
Actress: Anastasia Salickram
Actor: Varoon Seepersad
Executive Producer: Bakyard Productions
Management: Kuchela Entertainment

Song Credits
Title: Tum Sath Ho
Artist: Raymond Ramnarine and Dil E Nadan
Produced by Raymond Ramnarine
Co-Produced by Richard Ramnarine
Produced @Bakyard Studios
Recorded at Bakyard Studios
Mixed by Avenash Richard Ramnarine
Mastered by Nikholai Greene

Special Thanks to Nia Valley.

Original Song Credits
Song: Tum Saath Ho
Film: Sheeshay Ka Ghar (1984)
Singer: Anup Ghoshal
Lyrics: Amit Khanna
Music: Bappi Lahiri

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Email: kuchelaentertainment@gmail.com
Call: 1-868-798-1576 or 1-868-334-1395


तुम साथ हो, जिंदगी भर के लिए
तुम साथ रहना जिंदगी-जिंदगी भरी
तुम साथ हो
कुछ मेरे रंग हो, कुछ तेरी सरगम
फिर क्या खुशी क्या गम
सबसे अलग है सबसे जुड़ा
तेरा मेरा संगम
तुम साथ हो
तुम हो सुबाह की पहली किरण
मन से बंधन है मान
दुउर हैं फिर भी दुर नहीं हैं
इतने पास हैं हम
तुम साथ हो

tum saath ho, zindagi bhar ke liye
tum saath rehna zindagi-zindagi bhar
tum saath ho
kuchh mere rang ho, kuchh terii saragam
phir kyaa khushii kyaa gam
sabase alag hai sabase judaa
teraa meraa sangam
tum saath ho
tum ho subah kii pahalii kiran
man se bandhaa hai man
duur hain phir bhii duur nahiin hain
itane paas hain ham
tum saath ho


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