Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra


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The Uṣṇīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī sūtra is a Mahayana sutra from India. This Sanskrit manuscript is used by the Buddhist traditions in China and Japan up to modern times. Below is the original text in Devanagari with an English translation as well as the audio.

उष्णीष विजया धारणी (Uṣṇīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī – Brearer of the Crown of Victory)
नमो भगवते त्रैलोक्य प्रतिविशिष्टाय बुद्धाय भगवते।
(Adoration to the blessed, in the triple world the most excellent,to the enlightened)
तद्यथा ॐ विशोधय विशोधय।
(Adoration to the blessed, Namely: Om, cleanse, cleanse)
असमसम समन्तवभास स्फरण गति गहन स्वभाव विशुद्धे। अभिषीञ्चतु मां।
(the always impartial, being in possession of all-pervading, all-illuminating light, cleansed of the darkness of the five paths of existence, the pure in-himself.)
सुगत वर वचन। अमृताभिषेकै महामन्त्र पदै।
(Baptise us, Sugata, with an immortal baptism which consists of the best words,the great true phrases)
आहर आहर आयुः सन्धारणि।
(Remove disasters, remove disasters, holder of an eternal life)
शोधय शोधय गगन विशुद्धे। उष्णीष विजय विशुद्धे। सहस्ररश्मि सञ्चोदिते।
(Cleanse us, cleanse us, he as-pure-as-the-sky, as the victorious head-crown as pure, the inflamed with a thousand rays of light)
सर्व तथागतावलोकनि षट्पारमिता परिपूरणि।
(O One overseeing the thus-gone ones, the perfect in the six paramitas)
सर्व तथागत हृदयाधिष्ठानाधिष्ठित महामुद्रे। वज्रकाय संहतन विशुद्धे।
(O One who from the heart of every tathagata the spiritual power emanating holds the great seal, whose body is as adamantine and pure as diamond)
सर्व-आवरणापायदुर्गति परिविशुद्धे। प्रतिनिवर्तय-आयुः शुद्धे।
(O One who is thoroughly cleansed of all return-compelling karma)
समयाधिष्ठिते मणि मणि महामणि।
(Keep your promise, jewel, jewel, great jewel)
तथता भूतकोटि परिशुद्धे। विस्फुट बुद्धि शुद्धे। जय जय। विजय विजय।
(Suchness, the absolute pinnacle of evolved purity of mind, be victorious, be victorious; be ever victorious; be ever victorious)
स्मर स्मर।
(Bear in mind; bear in mind)
सर्व बुद्धाधिष्ठित शुद्धे।
(O One who of all buddhas is the pure and appointed)
वज्रे वज्रगर्भे वज्रं भवतु मम शरीरं।
(Vajra-holding diamond-womb, let my body be like diamond)
सर्व सत्त्वानां च काय परिविशुद्धे। सर्व गति परिशुद्धे।
(O One who possesses a pure body – who is absolutely pure from all the paths of existence)
सर्व तथागताश्च मे सम-आश्वासयन्तु। सर्व तथागत सम-आश्वासाधिष्ठिते। बुध्य बुध्य। विबुध्य विबुध्य।
(O One who consoles me by all the tathagatas, o One who is empowered with all the consoling power of the tathagatas, be enlightened, be enlightened, be ever enlightened, be ever enlightened)
बोधय बोधय। विबोधय विबोधय। समन्त परिशुद्धे।
(Have them enlightened, have them enlightened, have them ever enlightened, have them ever enlightened, the most pure in a thoroughgoing way)
सर्व तथागत हृदयाधिष्ठानाधिष्ठित महामुद्रे स्वाहा॥
(O One who from the heart of every tathagata the spiritual power emanating holds he great seal, hail)