Vee Ram & Boodram Holass

Vee Ram Pledges Support for Ailing Boodram Holass


During these trying times there are people who are in need of help. One of these people so happen to be a pioneer of Chutney Singing called Boodram Holass. He is fighting for his health and needs to frequently visit a specialist doctor and get a regular supply of medication to treat his present condition. It is very hard for him to come up with money to do this because of the present lockdown and he has yet to recieve a pension. In trying to aid Mr. Holass’ financial woes the family of Boodram has gone about trying to make up some money by selling two cd albums done by Boodram himself entitled Surili Geet Volumes 1 and 2. Each album costs $50.00 TTD and can be found at Praimsingh’s Puja Bhavan. For more info call +18687249221 🙏

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