Chutney Soca Artist Looking For Cup

Chutney Soca Artiste Looking For Cup

Chutney Soca Artiste, Kess Ramroop who goes by the sobriquet, Dr.Tunes, is looking for a win in the Sangeet Chutney Cup. This comes on the heels of making his breakthrough in the 2020 Chutney Soca Monarch Final.

In order for him to win this Cup, he will need your vote and as many votes as possible.

You can vote for Dr Tunes and his hit song “Bring The Liquor Come” by simply clicking like on his Facebook post below! or click here.

Note well: Voters will be selected at random to receive special prizes!

He’ll “Bring The Liquor Come” and you can “Bring The Likes Come”!

Still having problems voting? Then click this link