What is the meaning of Bollyney?


Bollyney is a subgenre of Chutney Soca music in which Chutney Artists take popular Bollywood song melodies and sing it in the English language to Chutney beats.

Arguably, the last Chutney Classic was Mor Tor by Rikki Jai which was recorded in the year 2006. Since then there have been an innumerable amount of Bollyney Hit songs.

Bollyney when done right produces beautiful music but the genre has found antagonism since its topics are typically about Rum, Fornication and Kuchoor.

This has lead to bad stereotypes being levied upon Chutney music and its main audience Indo-Caribbean persons as well as other diaspora that listens to the genre.

The lyrics is often rude,crude and rudimentary lacking cleverness and tact.

In layman’s term it has branded Indian people from the Caribbean as Rum drinking drunkards who like to fornicate and have no education.

One media pundit from Guyana has referred to Bollyney as:

The sad reality.
Also, one of the most despicable things happening for the longest while is the prostitution of the old Hindi melodies into the Chutney Soca songs….

However, artists are fond of the genre since it is very easy to do. Melodies, chord progressions and structure are already well documented. So to change up the lyrics and add basic english would determine a short production time thus being quicker to market. The songs selected are already immensely popular so it is easier for the chutney audience to digest. There is a tendency to try to pass off Bollyney music as Chutney Soca but the later, Chutney Soca refers to original compositions that include a varying % use of Hindi or Bhojpuri. The prescribed amount of English used in Chutney Soca should be a minimum of 50%.

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