Yami Bolo – Dulahin (Love Riddim)

Yami Bolo - Dulahin (Love Riddim)
Yami Bolo - Dulahin (Love Riddim)


Yami Bolo – Dulahin (Love Riddim) 2021
MBM Production Intl / MAHA / BACCHANAL RADIO / ICY COLD ENT / CHERISH R MUSIC / WE TING RADIO / CCB ALLSTARS / STUDIO OXEGEN / NEXT LEVEL ENT EXECUTIVES decided to dedicate the experience to 1. Selassie the 1st to bring the contribution to the already ongoing and existing Promoters who have dedicated their lives also to the art form CHUTNEY In Riches of Culture and Proud of our Musical Sound to the world as yourself.

In likeness we thank you all for your acceptance and embracing the Track titled


This was one of many CHUTNEY tracks that dared the boundaries of CHUTNEY the genre as we once knew it as.
As everything else with time and evolution so also we have with Chutney Music.

Expected this year and to come is multiple releases scheduled. The songs are being released in the Chutney Genre, this being said our goal is to be able to across the board the international sound that can relate to today’s generation.

We bring to you 2 times Grammy Award Reggae Legend Icon New Single
titled “DULAHIN” in the Genre of MUSIC + CHUTNEY +.

A wedding song that holds the pride of every Bride is a Dulahin, a epic love story of love that has no limits and boundaries. (Video coming soon)


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