Young Guyanese Woman Cries for Justice from Domestic Violence

Young Guyanese Woman Cries for Justice from Domestic Violence


A young woman, Niaomi Bissessar, who was physically abused and wounded by her former lover, is calling for justice. She highlighted, via social media, the challenges in getting access to justice. The woman is calling for justice,

Stop The Violence

On the 17th February, the woman wrote; “I’m not doing this for attention cause I know that’s the first thing a lot of you gonna jump too but really and truly I’ve had ENOUGH!!!!

Enough with the lies, the mental, verbal and physical abuse and it’s about time I stopped being silent. It’s about damn time everybody see what (lover’s name) is capable of and how much of a man he really is and how he was raised to be. It’s about time my name stopped going down for shit I haven’t done!

The first time he hit me I stayed absolutely silent and cried it by myself because I was ashamed of what society will say but this time round is different I’m stronger I didn’t take his slaps and stay silent instead I fought the hell back evenly as he hit me after how much he beat up on me he took his presumptuous a@# self down to Tuschen Police Outpost where he reported me for beating his lying as#$ and lying about how he never touched or hit me (then how…do I got a swollen eye?) but I wasn’t having it so I took myself down there and filed my story, followed all the procedures I was placed through and Im sure as hell wouldn’t let this fall

This I what…did to be me, think twice before calling him your friend because this is what he’s capable and perfect at doing. I don’t stand for s@#$ and I refuse to stay silent about this. I’m officially scared for the lives of my son and I.

I just hope that the police do their properly and that they aren’t influenced by money since that’s the state of our country.

Mother’s of young boys please and kindly raise your babies to be better men of society teach them the right from wrongs. Teach them to do better as I would do the same.”

Stop The Violence


On the 18th Bissessar further stated.

“I was scheduled to attend the Leonora Magistrate Court tomorrow for a hearing on the matter upon which it was also stated to me that I would be charged for fighting off the abuser (this was done in self-defense), however unfortunately I received a call from the Corporal at Tuschen Police Outpost stating that I would no longer need to attend court tomorrow since the matter was sent to the DPP on further advice on whom to be charged and what he/she to be charged for? And they’ll keep me informed as to when I’ll need to attend court.

-We all know what transpired there and that’s a bag of lies I’m calling out to the relevant authorities to have this looked into

– I took it upon myself to get a restraining order against this man since I’m in fear of him for my son and myself life

I’m fully aware of the lies that are being circulated about this matter and the defamation of my character which is being done, however i don’t have any time to validate what is wrong and what is right, I know what I been through and the police got my statement.

PS: While my face was being used by him for his own personal punching bag he said to me *Me ain’t knock you*

On the 20th

It wasn’t until today my eye could’ve open I’m in absolute distraught to look at it and to even look at myself It’s truly heartbreaking how did I reach here? I thought having an active father in my son’s life was the best thing for him but if this is the price I have to pay for it then it truly isn’t worth it at all.

Stop The Violence

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