Melodies of Bhojpuri Folk echoes in our Indo-Caribbean tradition


Melodies of Bhojpuri Folk echoes in our Indo-Caribbean traditions. Today we can still hear these echoes from the motherland. Here Pt. Chhannulal Mishra, renowned Indian Classical singer sings a Sohar (folk song of birth) in the language of our ancestors:
Lyrics and translation:
मोरे पिछवरवा. चन्दन गाछ, अवरो से चन्दन हो
(In my backyard is a sandalwood tree from where I get sandalwood)
रामा ,सुघर बडइया, मारे छेवर, लालन जी के पा.लन हो
(From which the cradle is beauitful etched by my carpenter)
राम के गढउ खडउवा लालन जी के पालन हो
(Carved wooden sandal and the child’s cradle)
रामा, जसुमती ठाड़ी झुलावै लालन जी के पालन हो
(Mother Yashoda stands rocking the cradle)
झूलहू ते लाल झूलहू अवरो से झूलहू हो
(She gently rocking and rocking the child)
रामा, जमुना से जल भरि लाईं, त झुलवा झुला.इब हो
(On filling pots of water from the Yamuna river, come rock the cradle)
जमुना पहुचहूँ न पवयूं, घडिलवौ न भरिलिउं हो
(Arriving on the banks of the Yamuna, I did not get the chance to fill my pot)
रामा, पिछ्वा उलति, जो मैं चितवुं, पहल मुरली बाजल हो
(I looked back and came to know the first time the child plays the flute)
रान परोसिन मैया मोरी, अवरो बहिन मो.री हो
(My mother, the neighbor, sister and the other women folk)
बहिनि, छवहि दिना के भइने श्याम, त मुरली बजावल हो
(On this 6th day after Krishna’s birth he bagan playing the flute)
चुप रहू, जसुमति चुप रहू, दुस्मन जनि सुने हो
(Keep quiet Mother Yashoda of these auspicious happenings or else the enemies will hear)
बहिनी, ई हैं तो, कन्स के मरिहैं, औ गोकुला बसै.हैं हो
(The child, resident of Gokul is destined kill the demon Kansa)


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