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View the Official Results is proud to formally announce the Official Nominees for the Awards 2021 :

1) Awards 2021 Best New Artist:

2) Awards 2021 Breakthrough Artist:

3) Awards 2021 Best Producer:

4) Awards 2021 Best DJ:

5) Awards 2021 Best Videographer:

6) Awards 2021 Best Dance Group:

7) Awards 2021 Best Band:

For those of you who watched the CRC 2021 Finals towards the end 🔚 would have noted the hidden easter egg 🥚 where announced that the Awards will formally add to the year end countdowns.

The Top 10 Year End Countdown which is an accumulation of all the weekly Top 10 Countdowns will determine the Song of the Year.

The Top 100 Artists would determine the Top Male Performer, Top Female Performer, Top 10 Female Performers

The awards that would be up for grabs:

Determined by website data:

  1. Song of the Year
  2. Top Male Performer
  3. Top Female Performer

First Round determined by Facebook Fan Voting and the Top 5 move onto the Final Round which will be determined by YouTube Fan Voting.

  1. Best New Artist
  2. Breakthrough Artist
  3. Best Producer
  4. Best DJ
  5. Best Videographer
  6. Best Dance Group
  7. Best Band

Who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021? Vote here.

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