Boodram Holass Funeral Arrangements and Death Announcement

Boodram Holass Funeral Arrangements and Death Announcement


Cremation Ceremony of Budram Holass

Funeral Ceremony of Budram Holass regrets to inform you of the death of Trinidad and Tobago’s Local Classical and Chutney music legend, Boodram (Budram) Holass.

Boodram Holass died at the San Fernando General Hospital at the age of 69 due to complications of old age. This singer’s health had been on a steady decline in recent years but his iconic voice never wavered.

Boodram Holass is known as a pioneer in Indian Culture in Trinidad and the Caribbean. His song, Thar Gori Jamuna Ki Ordh and cover of the funeral song, Aye Bhi Akela are still popular to this day.

Please see information about the funeral in this photo.

Om Sadgati – RIP

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Boodram Holass Songs

Who was Boodram Holass?

Budram Holass was born Dec. 29th 1954 to Samdaye and Harry Holass at Charham, Trinidad and Tobago. From his early childhood, Holass and his siblings, of note Rukminee Holass Beepath, were tutored by their parents, who were versatile singers and musicians of the Local ClassicalTradition. His father was well-versed in Hindi and Bhojpuri. His career started at a very early age singing in the family group “Amar Geet” and gradually he emerged on his own. He entered many competitions over the years, winning many titles. He has toured many countries including Suriname, Guyana, Canada, USA, Florida, Mauritius and India. He is well-versed in Bhojpuri (as you will see in a following interview) and sings a variety of songs Hindi, Awadhi, Braj Bhasha and Bhojpuri. Being an all-rounded singer, he sings classical songs, semi-classical, wedding and folk songs, biraha, film songs, devotional songs, Chutney songs, Chutney-Soca and much more. He has released more than 20 CD’s which are currently available internationally. Boodram spends a great deal of his time teaching different types of songs in a cultural centre built in Granville in his honour “Boodram Holass Cultural Centre.” Caribbean Hindustani will be doing a free Medical & Legal clinic for the community of Cedros and environs presently. Boodram was selected in March 2000 to attend the World Bhojpuri Conference in Mauritius where he presented a paper on the Bhojpuri influence in Trinidad. He has established a six-member entertainment group “Amar Geet” that give performances at all occasions and celebrations. Boodram Holass has performed in many parts of India. He has been a finalist in several competitions for the past few years in Trinidad and received numerous awards from many organisations for his sterling contribution to culture.
Look out for further collaborations with his cultural centre and Caribbean Hindustani.
Here is our very on Dr. Visham Bhimull with the master himself.

राम के काज जाइए तज बल बुद्धि निधान, आसीस दे सुरसा चले हरख चले हनुमान
Go forth to do the work of Ram, O Hanuman, with your repository of strength and knowledge
The demoness gives her blessings as Hanuman caries on joyfully.
मनो मनो असुर मोरे सीख सिया के लेके राम से मिलो
Heed my advice O Lord take Sita back to Ram
कहे मंदोदरी सुनो पिया रावण ये क्या कुमति-कमाई, जिन के जानकी तू हर लाया वो तपसी दो भाई
Mandodari says, “Listen Oh my beloved Rawan, what sort of ill-conceived notion is this kidnapping the daughter of Janak from those two holy brothers
लंकसारी के कोठ हमारा रतनगिर से खाई, अस्सी लाख चौकी ठारे भाग जाए दो भाई
This entire kingdom of Lanka is impenetrable, eighty thousand guards that man its outposts will drive away the two brothers
हनुमान अस पायक जिनके और संघ लक्ष्मण से भाई जलती अगिन में कूद पड़ेगा कोटि गिन गिन खाए
Hanuman is such a skilled soldier like a brother of Lakshman, they will jump into a burning fire and not be destroyed to pieces
अरे मेघनाद ऐसा पुत्र हमारा और कुम्भकर्ण ऐसा भाई धर मंगवाऊँगी मंदिरवा से वो तपसी दो भाई
Meghnaad is such a son and Kumbhakaran is such a brother who can capture the two divine brothers from the mandir
बन्दर इक लंका में आए घर घर धूम जो छाये बाग़-विबंस को जारा जा सागर तीर पूंछ बुझाए
A monkey came into Lanka making mischief at every house burning down the courtyard and gardens then extinguishing his tail at the sea side
अब तू क्या डरे मंदोदरी रानी पीहर दूँ पहचान मैं लड़ने से हारूं नाही तू ना हक़ घबरा
Why fear now Queen Mandodari recognize the greatness of your husband, in battle I cannot be defeated do not be troubled.
घात घात लक्ष्मण ने रोके और घत रोके राम घरवाजे* अंगद ने रोके पि लड़े हनुमान
Ambush after ambush Lakshman thwarted as well as Ram, Angad and Hanuman
राम जी घर लंका आए घर घर बजत बधाई हनुमान की चौकी थारे तुलसी दस गुन गाई
On returning home from Lanka congratulations were showered from every house,Hanuman a revered soldier and Tulsidas sings his praises

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