Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh wins the CRC 2022 Rani Title


Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh won the CRC 2022 Rani Title by split decision. The judges were impressed with her elocution of her song “Chamkay“.

The song also advocated that we don’t have to abuse alcohol to have fun which is in stark contrast to norm topics chosen by chutney soca artists.

Ranji Baby also won Best New Artist in the Awards 2021.

CRC 2022 nikkyyyNekaisha “Nikki” Mohammed won second place and had the best presentation showcasing steel pan, african drumming and iron percussion. She was also smartly dressed in traditional east indian wear. Her song “Ghar Aaya” details how excited she is that her beloved came home.

CRC 2022 purdey

Miss Purdey Sahadeo sang about how a suitor wanted to marry her but he could not find his dhoti but she did find herself in third place.

Please see judges score tally below:

  1. Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh – Chamkay – 244 points
  2. Nekaisha “Nikki” Mohammed – Ghar Aaya – 231 points
  3. Miss Purdey Sahadeo – Dulaha Ke Dhoti – 228 points

Judging Criteria:

  • Singing Ability (Max 30pts)
  • Lyrical Composition (Max 30pts)
  • Presentation (Max 20pts)
  • Stage Presence (Max 10 pts)
  • Chutney Soca Beat (Max 10 pts)


  1. Dr. Visham Bhimull (TT)
  2. Shri Rana Mohip (TT)
  3. Wanita Ramnath (Suriname)

We at would like to thank all competitors and the judges for participating and look forward to CRC 2023.

Daddy Chinee won the CRC 2022 Raja Title

CRC 2022 Rani Performances

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