CRC 2021 Rani Contestants Go Straight to Finals – Joanna Kiran Phillips Tops the Round

Joanna Kiran Phillips
Joanna Kiran Phillips

Joanna Kiran Phillips aka Sirf Kiran is an 18 years old contestant of the Rani Competition 2021 from the UK who came armed with Mandolin in hand and charmed the Judges and they stated that she is a diamond in the rough with a lot of raw talent. She will compete in the CRC 2021 Finals 6th February 2021 on YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to here. Check out all the Preliminary Results here:

1) Sirf Kiran – Challo Chennette (UK) 179
2) Tanty Sandra – Bisa Raiho Ho Raja (TT) 177
3) Navita Mahato – Choday Balam (TT) 164
4) Princess Ashanie – Dance & Break Away (USA) 161
5) Asha Rambaran Saywerth – Mai tho (South Africa) 144

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