Dholak International Competition Coming SOON!


Prominent Guyanese Pundit Calls for an Internationtional Competition in Dholak, Dance & Taan singing.

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International Dholak Vaala Competition (IDC 2021)

International Dholak Vaala Competition (IDC 2021)

Bunty Singh

Cahit Singh Mohanlall better known as Bunty Singh was born on April 12th 1990 in Bath Settlement, West Coast, Berbice, Guyana. He is world renowned…

Bjorn Pitcher: Dholak Player, Venezuelan, Gyro Man?

It’s confirmed 😊 Bjorn is the best Dholak Playing Venezuelan Gyro Man. PS: This is a joke…please don’t catch no feelings Please consider Donating to…

Vishi Mongru

Vishi Mongru hails from St John Trace Avocat Fyzabad and plays the dhol, tabla and doumbek darbuka drums.

Introducing the Chutneymusic.com Rajkumar & Rajkumari Competition

Chutneymusic.com is pleased to announce the youth competitions, Chutneymusic.com Rajkumar & Rajkumari Competition, that will be added to the Chutneymusic.com Rani & Raja Competition going forward from 2022. Rajkumar is hindi for Prince and Rajkumari is hindi for Princess