DJ Floops - Hari OM Tat Sat Mantra (ओम् तत् सत्) Official Audio Bhajan

DJ Floops Releases his Original Bhajan, Hari Om



DJ Floops Releases his Original Bhajan, Hari Om. The song was written by DJ Floops with vocalist, Machel Montano in mind but when it was passed by Mr. Montano’s Management since January 2021. Firmly believing in the songs positive lyrics, DJ Floops choose to sing it in his unique style. The song evolved into a rock type track because of its drum virtuoso solo. You can listen to the song below.


DJ Floops, I come to
shell down the place.
In the time of kaliyug,
there’s no time to waste.
Pray, Pray,
Pray to Prabhu ji.
To save all meh family,
From Dushmani.
Moving on to,
bigger things.
Thanking the lord,
for new beginnings.
Try, Try,
Doh matter what they try.
They can’t stop my shine.
because limit is the sky

Why people don’t like to,
see you strive?
they rather you dive
than well and alive.
talk, talk is one setta
is one setta talk.
actions speak louder,
so let us walk the walk.
don’t study what I achieve.
I am not a subject.
So I beg your leave.
bLess, bless
I pray your success
tangoing with me,
will lead to your duress.

seek and ye shall find
all doors you knock on
opens with time
wok, wok
that how I made my luck
With preparation,
you cant get stuck
These principles
will get you far
With a strong mind
you never falta
standing firm
like gibraltar
clean dharma equals
That is they way
to attain moksha.


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