Hindi vs Hindustani: Doctor RESIGNs from Organisation over World Hindi Day 2021 Article Fracas

Pensive Dr Visham Bhimull
Pensive Dr Visham Bhimull

How does Revered reach to RESIGN?

When Chutneymusic.com wrote its World Hindi Day 2021 Article entitled World Hindi Day 2021: In the Next 50 yrs there will be no Hindi just English!. Many thoughts were provoken and there was consensus that we need to do better to promote the practice of Hindi/Hindustani.

Hindi/Hindustani seems an innocuous term but for Dr Visham Bhimull who shared OUR article in a WhatsApp group of “peers” as a means of saving the language.

It was immediately rebuffed by the gentiles, who were not so gentle. Side Whatsapp conversations ensued and mandates became clear as these persons egregiously exited the Whatsapp Group.

“Some can’t see the forest for the trees!”

Dr. Bhimull succumbed to the pressure and resigned from the organisation where he does VOLUNTARY work.

He submitted his resignation which was not formally accepted but a WhatsApp Overlord ebulliently removed him.

Is there a place where Hindi, Hindustani & Urdu can exist much like it does in Bollywood? lol

So you want to know the organisation, eh!

You can read it in Dr Bhimull resignation letter excerpt below:

“Re: Letter of Resignation

In response to a correspondence I received from the Hindi Foundation yesterday, I am of the impression that there is a conflict of interest with me being a member of the Foundation.

The issue raised about the content on the Hindi Foundation WhatsApp group bears much relevance and my humble intent was to promote conversation on the group that focused on Hindi within a Caribbean context.

Currently, I am involved in a myriad of initiatives for Hindi within the Caribbean context being the founder of Caribbean Hindustani and being involved in its initiatives.

I was hoping that my work with this organization could be a compliment to the Foundations work and it would have been a great opportunity to collaborate. However, I completely understand where the brand of the Foundation is compromised because of these initiatives.

I thank you for the opportunity to work with the Foundation for the past 5 years. I am indeed honored to have been a resource for the Foundation and remain a supporter of its initiatives.

However, in my current situation, many projects have come requiring my expertise in Hindi and Hindustani that might, as you rightfully raised, be a conflict of interest with my membership in the Foundation. Taking this into consideration,

I humbly submit my resignation for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Visham Bhimull

Please Check Dr Visham Bhimull & Caribbean Hindustani for all your Hindi/Hindustani needs. You can also donate to his work here.

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