G.VON – Sajivan Gayadeen Biography


Soca artiste G.VON is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Hailing from South Trinidad and having been born into a musical background, his passion for music grew with him from childhood up till today and his evolution can be seen through his various tracks to date.

•He has released several tracks over the last few years including:

2012 – Buss Dat Wine
Iz Wuk
2013 – Winning Pleaser
2014 – Move
Behind D Truck
2015 – No Distance
Wine On Somebody
2019 – I Come Fuh Dat

•”I Come Fuh Dat” was G.VON’s first Carnival release in 2019 after being absent from the industry for a few years. Formerly F.L.O., he rebranded as G.VON and re-emerged for Carnival 2019. The rebrand came after his hiatus which G.VON found necessary in order for him to regroup, reassess, and focus a bit on the development of various aspects of his life. Now rebranded and back in the industry, he is keen to reclaim his love of Soca and show T&T his passion for the art form, while creating music that brings people together through the celebration that is Carnival.

• G.VON’s soca track for Carnival 2020 entitled “Overcome” is a very relatable song for each and every one of us, who has at some point in their life struggled to overcome some sort of trial or obstacle. It has a very powerful, positive message while not forgetting the “freeness” and revelry that is Trinidad Carnival and part of our culture.

You can find the official video for his 2020 track here :

Also his first soca parang offering for 2020 “Mi Familia”

His first track for 2021 “Party All Night” on the Party Order Riddim.

Another recent track for 2021 “Cya Stop Wey” on the Party Ras Riddim.

GVON’s passion for music can be felt through his energy packed performances, as well as his versatility, since he not only has tracks in the soca genre, but also released his latest soca parang for the season on the “Love Up Riddim” and now his most recent track in the Chutney Soca realm entitled “Bring D Rum”.

We Time Again – Soca Parang 2021 https://youtu.be/Q-qlLH7hVqg

•Feel free to follow this dynamic, energetic performer via his various social media platforms:
Facebook: G.VON
YouTube Channel: Gvon Music
Instagram: @gvon.music
Twitter: @gvonmusic
Tiktok: @gvonmusic

His music is available to stream and purchase on all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer.

Email: gvon.music@gmail.com
Management: Turning Point Entertainment TT Call/whatsapp 1-868-362-7454

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