Funny Guyanese Slang Words & Phrases from Guyana


Do you want to learn funny guyanese words, utter some guyanese slang curse words and how to say boy in guyanese? Rass! What is the guyanese word for aunt or grandma? Don’t be a skunt and check out the Guyanese Urban Dictionary of Slang Words.

Did you know that in guyanese slang; Pattacake, Patacake or Patty Cake refers to a very attractive female reproductive or scientifically known as a vagina.

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In this study you can learn:

  • bugga guyanese meaning
  • guyanese greetings
  • guyanese slang banna
  • buse guyanese
  • welcome in guyanese
  1. Ayou – talking about someone else
  2. Alooo – potatoes
  3. Bruk up – broken
  4. Box you – slap you
  5. Buck ta – male underwear
  6. Blind – curtains
  7. Battie – butt
  8. Cut tail,Cut ass – A serious spanking
  9. Cut yeye – cutting your eye at someone by turning the eyes the other way.
  10. Cyar – car
  11. Coolie – east Indian
  12. Channa – chick peas
  13. Draaz – female underwear
  14. Frock – dress
  15. Grip – suitcase
  16. Ganda eeggg – spoil egg
  17. Gimme – give me
  18. Hise up – lift
  19. Jumbie – ghost
  20. Karna – corner
  21. Magah – thin or skinny
  22. Nettin – mesh
  23. Picknie – child
  24. Prappa – proper
  25. Pailing – fence
  26. picha – movie
  27. Rum shop – bar
  28. Sweetman – have another woman although he’s married
  29. star gyal – actress, really pretty girl
  30. Skin teet – smile.
  31. Vex – angry
  32. Werie pepper – little round red peppers
  33. Wutless – wicked, mischievous.
  34. Yanda – just over there
  35. Yaatin boots – Sneakers

Why not learn some Trinidad slang while you’re at it!

Trini Slang Bacchanal – party atmosphere; arguments, confusion e.g. “If dey find out, it will be rel bacchanal.”
Back chat – a rude response e.g. “Doh give meh no back chat now, yuh hear!”
Badjohn – a bully; a person who thinks they’re really “bad”
Bath suit – swim suit
Band (Carnival) – a Carnival band refers to a group of masqueraders who are wearing the same costumes, or costumes based on the same theme.
Biscuit – cookie, cracker
Bobolee – a person who gets taken advantage of
Bobolize – to bully someone
Boof / buff – to scold
Buss – to burst; to be a flop e.g. “Shux dred, dat party was rel buss.”
Buss it – to leave e.g. “Well when I see dat, I buss it!”
Chips – French Fries e.g. “May I have some chips, please?”
Chutney – a type of music indigenous to Trinidad, which evolved from Indian music
Commesse – confusion, conflict
Cunumunu – a foolish person
Dingolay – to dance in a joyful, carefree manner
Dotish – silly, stupid e.g “Don’t act dotish nah!”
Doux-doux – sweetie, sweetheart e.g. “Don’t mind dat, doux-doux.”
Dred – friend (see also hoss, padna); cool e.g. “Dat movie was dred, eh dred?”
Fella – a fellow, a boy, a guy e.g. “Way! Check dat fella!”
Fete – party
Fuh real? – really? Is that so?
Gyul – girl
Horn – to cheat on a boyfriend of girlfriend
Hoss – a close friend
In truth – for real, that’s right e.g. “That test was so hard!” Reply: “In truth!”
Lagniappe – a little extra, a bonus
Lil – little
Lime – to hang out in a casual atmosphere e.g. “I feeling to lime.”
Maco – someone who minds other people’s business! e.g. “Wha yuh macoing so for?”
Make style – to show off
Mamaguy – to make fun of, to fool
Mas – used to refer to Carnival; to play mas – to masquerade
Obeah – black magic, voodoo
Obzokee – unpleasant, out of place
Ole talk – chit-chat, light-hearted chatter e.g. “We was just ole talking dey.”
One time – right now, immediately e.g. “De gyul was rel angry so I buss it one time.”
Padna – (from “partner”) a close friend, buddy
Parang – music played during Christmas time. Parang has a lot of Spanish influences.
Patois – local dialect
Picker – thorns e.g. “Doh touch dat rose bush. It have rel pickers.”
Picong – to insult in a jesting manner
Pong – pound e.g. “Gih meh two pongs of tomatoes dey tantie.”
Poohar – see dotish
Pot hound / pot hong – a mixed dog; sometimes used as an insult e.g. yuh lazy pothound!
Saga boy / star boy – a male who likes to “make style”; a male who is cool
Screw up yuh face – to make a strange expression, usually when angry or in disagreement of something e.g. “Look how she screwin up she face nah!”
Soca – a type of music indigenous to TnT, derived from “soul calypso”
Soucouyant – from old ghost stories, an old woman who turns herself into a ball of fire and suck’s people’s blood
Sweet too bad – really nice, pleasant, attractive e.g. “Dred, dat gyul eh play she sweet too bad!”
Sweet drink – term used for soft drink, soda, pop
Sweetie – a sweet, candy
Tabanca – the feeling of hurt and pain when a close relationship ends e.g. “Leave him alone hoss, he gyul leave him. He have rel tabanca.”
Tantie – auntie
Tong – town e.g. “I went to tong today.”
Toutoulbay – a gullible person
Vex – angry, upset
Whas de scene? – What’s up? e.g. Ay padna, whas de scene?
Wine – to gyrate, to rotate hips in a suggestive manner


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