Hakka Ganesh Box

Hakka Restaurant Offend Hindus?


Pundit Satyanand Maharaj
Spiritual Head
Satya Anand Ashram

Hakka Restaurant Offend Hindus

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the food chain Hakka has been disrespectful by placing images of The Hindu God Ganesh on its food boxes.
I can not understand why such blatant disrespect is being meted out to Hindus that make up 22% of the Population in Trinidad and Tobago.

Would they have considered placing images of Jesus or Islamic iconary on their disposable boxes ? I think not !

One is then left to wonder why is it that Hindus must always be the subject of such ridicule ?
I want to join with my Hindu brothers and sisters in calling for an apology from Hakka for its callous and degrading use of Hindu deities!

I call on all right thinking persons not just Hindus to boycott Hakka and any other business that treat any religion in the same manner !

Ganesh Baba is the first to be worshipped . He is revered as the granter of wisdom .

I pray that he grants the management of Hakka the wisdom to do the right thing !

I pray that he grants the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago RESPECT . Respect for each others religion, worship and way of life.



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