Hass Hass (Official Video) Diljit X Sia


Presenting the official video for Hass Hass with the incredible Sia! An anthem of love, joy, and uniting people across the world through the universal language of music!

Stream Hass Hass now: out-now.lnk.to/HassHass

I’m going to take your breath away
But don’t stop running to me

Feel me and the breeze baby
I’m the ocean sky in heels baby
I’m the forest and the trees baby
You’re the Royce and I’m the wheels baby

Tera vi Ae Dil Sab Jan da
Tu jo mili Jappe koi Haan Da
Laal hoya rang asman da
Roop jive Nikhri Rakaan Da
Jithey Jithey Jave Per Rakhdi
Soniye Barf Vangu Thare Garbru
Mang Ley Je Dil Lena Chauni Aa
Has Aas suli uthey chadey gabru
Mang ley je Dil lena chauni aa
Has has suli uthey chadey gabru

((I have given my heart to you and would love to give away my life for you too
I swore on your love
I wanna die in your arms
Even your heart knows
We both get along well
Sky looks as glowing as your beauty
The way you move and take your each step
My heart freezes
Feel free to ask for my heart
I would be happy to give it away to you))

I’m going to take your breath away
But don’t stop running to me
Cause I will hold you baby
If you’re my ocean, I’m your wave

Beach uthey hathan vich vine ni
Hove dove passe iko rhyme ni
Oh roop tera dhup ch na khur je
Dand aa patashe kare shine ni
Bajwe di hoja dub janiye
Athre dosanjhanwale sare gabru

((We are sitting on beach holding glass of wine
We both are in tune
You shine so bright I fear sun could tan you.
Oh girl You be mine))

Mang le je dil laina chauni aa
Hass hass suli uthey chadey gabru

((Feel free to ask for my heart
I would be happy to give it away))

Dil tenu de ditta
main tan soneya
Jaan tere kadma ch rakhi hoyi aa
Marna main teriyan bahan ch chann ve
Sohn tere pyaar di main chakki hoyi aa

((You’ve given your heart to me,
I’m yours, my beloved.
I’ve placed my life at your feet,
I want to die in your arms,
I’ve ground the flour of your love))

Track Title: Hass Hass
Artist: Diljit Dosanjh, Sia, Greg Kurstin
Composers: Diljit Dosanjh, Greg Kurstin, Indrr Bajwa
Lyrics: Diljit Dosanjh, Indrr Bajwa, Sia Furler
Mixer : Greg Kurstin
Producer : Greg Kurstin
Artwork: Inika Roy
Manager: Sonali Singh
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