Andy Singh Stroke

Help Andy Singh recover from his Stroke



Andy Singh needs your help to cover his medical expenses while he recovers from a recent stroke.

See message from his daughter, Ahalia Singh:

“Hi everyone, my name is Ahalia Singh and my father, Andy Singh, as some may know from his singing here in Trinidad, recently got a stroke on Sunday 24th October. He was admitted to the hospital and he was discharged on Friday 29th October. They told us that there was not much more that they can do and advised us to take him privately.

He is currently unable to use his entire right side of his body, therefore resulting in his inability to walk. The stroke has damaged part of his brain and he can only say 3 words and cannot spell. This has been really tough on our entire family, emotionally, mentally and financially. We have consulted with two doctors privately but because he is so complicated health wise, we have to do tests in order to figure out exactly what’s wrong.

He has to undergo speech therapy and physiotherapy as well as a series of strict medications.
He is unable to work and even with myself and my sister’s salaries combined, we cannot pay for all of his medical bills.

The doctors indicated that it will be a long road to recovery therefore, we would be grateful for any support given, if you knew him from singing, or if you would just like to see our father get better, any donation will be gladly accepted.

Thank you, feel free to contact me, his eldest daughter, Ahalia Singh at 1-868-361-6540”


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