History Making Eye Therapy Forum hosted by Youths

History Making Eye Therapy Forum hosted by Youths


Written by Sandra L Blood
Date: 24 November 2020.

November 11, 2020, at 8:30 p.m: The Classy Bodies Wellness Nutrition and Recovery Clinic (CB), hosted its first virtual eye-therapy interview on their Therapy Thursdays forum as part of their education and empowerment drive, that commenced in September.

20-year-old lead host, first-year UWI, St. Augustine (UWI), Sports Kinesiology-major student, Xaria DuPont, and co-host for that night, manager, Administration/Operations, Allyson McKell-Morales, welcomed guest, 27-year-old optometrist, Isaiah Paul of 800-EYES Limited to the hot seat.

On this forum, the co-host that customarily supports DuPont is 25-year-old UWI Biochemistry and Biology BSc graduate, and Sports Nutrition Consultant, Yavniel Yatali.

Initiating the drive was Wellness Wednesdays with Women’s Health followed by Cancer in October. Other areas of health already touched were Mental Health, and Massage and Sleep Therapy.

At the helm of the five-year-old Clinic is 27-year-old managing director Shaquilla Daniel, Clinical Nutritionist, Human Ecology BSc and Medical Nutrition MSc.

Wellness Wednesdays is scheduled to continue with Deficiencies, and Therapy Thursdays’ next forum on November 26 is on Speech Therapy. Topics on the horizon are Physical and Respiratory Therapy, advises McKell-Morales.

With the tagline Call and See, 800-EYES put full faith in and support behind their youth optometrist, Paul, says managing director, Seema Mahabir, who refers to herself as a “self-made entrepreneur.”

Paul, optometrist for four years and former UWI student, claimed to have been a bit nervous as it was his first interview, but Mahabir did what great bosses do: motivated him to deliver satisfactorily.

Both agencies shared their belief in giving youth opportunities to shine and adopt responsible positions.

Eye therapy and tips

First up, Paul’s views on the effect electronic devices’ screens have on the eyes, especially when most people, including children, are plunged into a daily digital world.

“Adults managing children and their use of devices,” he states, “and everyone getting eyes adequately tested. The most refractive error or spectacle prescription is the area of astigmatism.

“As small as your prescription might be, these conditions plus glare and screen time, tend to spark a lot of eye strain resulting in varying discomforts such as “headaches, pulsing eye, eye pain….”

Before rolling out some “expert” tips targeting everyone, he stated that everyone must understand how lifestyles have changed since the pandemic.
“There was a time when parents would have their children look at cartoons, or play games on a device, but today, there is no escape as there is an entire online school system, many adults are working online from home, while some have found solace in social media to cope with pandemic-related fallouts.”

Paul drew reference to the impact children at home daily have on some parents, as their go-to correction or quiet-corner tool or alternative quality time with fussing child, is to give them a device.

He also touched on binge-watching; types of spectacles for children – Blue Blocker; vitamins; nutrition – “superfoods”; and the first place diabetes love to attack as being the eyes.

Diabetes, he says, leads to bleeding of the eye, haemorrhaging, with worst-case scenarios being glaucoma and cataract, which become irreversible to the point of blindness.

More Education

• the 20-20-20 rule in optometry: every 20 minutes of screen use, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. Paul strongly urged, to save eyesight, it should be tried.
• self-discipline: as a preventative measure.
• reduce the brightness on devices. If in total darkness, reduce to 10 percent. If in full light, from 100 to 50 and from 75 to 40.
• use devices at least 15 minutes upon waking from sleep or from a very dark space enabling proper eye adaptation.
• reduce level of blue light from devices.
• blink reflex: offered advice on how to maintain moisture of the eye.
• invest in computer glasses.
• the eye is a conduit to contracting Covid-19.

Vision Therapy

Hosts Dupont and McKell-Morales were called upon to engage in a broad-based, eye-muscle-strengthening demonstration termed the Pencil Push-Up Method, where Paul assured that it can be done anywhere – home or work. Dupont actually found her ‘blind spot’ and at a point, came to realise that she has slight vision weakness.

Four must-have people

The history-making eye-therapy forum closed with Paul strongly advising, especially diabetics and hypertensive, that the optometrist, ophthalmologist, general practitioner and nutritionist are four must-have people in your life.

Mahabir extends appreciation to CB for the opportunity.

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