Kartik Snan


Members of the Alexander Village Vishnu Mandir performing Puja this morning at Band Stand Sea Wall

Kartik Snan (Hindi: कार्तिक स्नान) is an important rituals for Hindus that is observed on the Purnima tithi (full moon day) in the Lunar month of ‘Kartik‘ in the Hindu calendar (popularly known as Kartik Purnima). For those following the English calendar, this date falls during the months of October to November.

This month has an important and auspicious significance in Hindu culture. The Kartik month started from November 1 will last till November 30. In this month, the devotees not only worship Lord Vishnu but they also worship Goddess Lakshmi. The devotees keep fast in this month.In 2020, Kartik holy bath will commence from 31st October. With the commencement of Kartik month, the devotees starts performing religious ceremonies, take bath in the holy river, observe fasts and worship all the gods and goddess with full faith and devotion. As per the scriptures, it is  believed performing bathing rituals in the Kartik month have special significance in Hindu culture. It gives relief from the sufferings and sins of life.

Kartik month is considered to be an auspicious month to perform religious ceremonies. It is believed to give results equivalent to visiting all the pilgrimages. The significance of Kartik month can be studied in various popular ancient scriptures such as Skanda purana, Narada purana, Paghya purana etc.

Taking bath in the holy water during the Kartik month is considered to be as auspicious as taking bath in the Ganga 1000 times, 100 times magh bath, crore times in Narmada river during Vaishakh month. The result that one gets by taking bath in the Prayag in Kumbh is equal to taking bath in one holy river during the Kartik month. Chanting Gayatri Mantra during this period is believed to give good results. Those who follow all the rules and regulations as mentioned in the scriptures gets relief from all sins.

More importantly, the feminine aspect of God, Maataa Ganga (Mother Ganga) is venerated and worshipped and thanks being given to one of the five elements (water). No life can be sustained without water; hence, the Hindus take this day to give thanks to God for providing this element along with the others.






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