Launda ke naach (Dance of a boy) is a popular Nautanki style

Launda ke naach (Dance of a boy) is a popular Nautanki style brought by indentured laborers to the Caribbean. It is still alive today in Suriname and The Netherlands and has been recorded in T&T and Guyana. However, this is one of the few documentation in Jamaica by Trevor Johnny Mykoo of his relative Johnny Mykoo a nautanki (performer) who sang Hindustani numbers as well as a nachaniya (dancer) who performed the Launda ke naach.

Here is rare footage of an Indian wedding in Jamaica where the famous Johnny Mykoo performs the Nachaniya dance or Launda Ke Naach. It is quite interesting to see him mime the meaning of the song being sung that describes the crowded courtyard when Shri Ram arrived at Raja Janak’s palace to marry Sita. Here are the lyrics and translation:
भीड़ भए भारी राजा जनक जी के अंगना में
(Crowded is King Janak’s courtyard)
बांधे राम सिया जी के कंगन
(Ram ties Sita’s kangan)
कहीं के घाट साँवरी
(The threshold decorated)
Video/clips courtesy of Roshan and Fiona Ramdeen (UK).
Singer and Manjeera:Johnny Mykoo
Sarangie: Clifford Thompson (Buchkun)
Dholak (Drummer): John Thompson
Nachaniya Dancer: Cheeni


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