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I am on a misson to sensitize everyone of our beloved nation of Hindu culture and traditions during the season of Divali.
Meethai/ mithai is what is referred to as Indian Sweets . Meethai is very common and most look forward to in East Indian weddings, pujas and ofcourse for Divali.
Meethai are loved by the God’s and Goddesses….hence the reason they are offered to them. In Hinduism all the ingredients in the making of meethai: sugar, milk, and ghee, are considered to be ‘sattvic’ which means pure and can be eaten by everyone.
Meethai is used to break fasts or eaten during a fast bearing in mind that the term meethai has no religious significance. This old tradition has been kept alive for centuries and mithai will always be served at times of celebrations such as birth of a baby, engagement, weddings, pujas, good news. They are shared I to the hand, or by gifting in bags or boxes.
The gift of meethai to guests for Divali, a wedding or puja is a mark of giving sweets to the Gods and Goddesses.
A suggestion to the businesses of Trinidad and Tobago to join in the celebration of the Divali season by gifting your loyal customers with meethai. It is a part of the tradition in giving, regardless of how little. Many people look forwards as Hindu homes distribute sweets, but customer appreciation can certainly boost your businesses a great deal. Divali is a Public Holiday
and there is a season of celebration. Do your part to show that you appreciate being in a multicultural twin island state.
Moving on…. In Trinidad and Tobago these sweets range from our local styles called kurma, gulab jamoon, ladoo,barfi, pera, coconut barfi, ras gulah, and jelaybee. With the presence of many authentic East Indian restaurants throughout Trinidad and Tobago as well as easily getting recipes on social media a number of new sweets have been added to the list. These include almond barfi, cashew barfi, singori, rasmalai, mango roll, boondi ladoo, coconut roll amongst others.
Some of the authentic Indian sweets can be very sweet however I have come to enjoy the sweets hand made by the staff of Taste of India at 19 Pasea Road, Tunapuna #tatsteofindiatrini . It is not overbearing with sugar ( thank you Akash for taking my suggestion) and one can taste the ginger, elychee and milk used to make these items.
Many of the Trini local indian meethai are made by families at home as part of the Divali Celebrations. However, it is seen that due to a hectic and busy lifestyle or simply some people not learning the art of making sweets, they can easily purchase sweets ranging from small portions to bulk orders. Businesses such as Praimsinghs Puja Bhavan, The Little Store, Taste of India and many small catering businesses all reach out to meeting the needs of the many people wanting sweets to keep the traditions, culture and festivity alive.
Do hope you enjoy your making of your meethai this Divali!!! – Dilip Denesh Maharaj
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If you need to get recipes to help guide you in making your sweets for Divali check out Cooking by Natasha.

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