Mohan-bhog as Prasād


It’s Divalī time again and what is it without “Lakshmī Pūjā” (prayer to goddess Lakshmī)? Also what is Lakshmī Pūjā without “parsād”? There are many Hindi words we can learn through the Festival of Lights.

We all know “parsād”, however Hindi speakers often say “prasād”. What’s the difference? The Trinidad Bhojpuri for any offering to God is “parsād” the Hindi equivalent being “prasād”. Both are often popular last names among the Indo-Caribbean diaspora.

One of the most popular prasāds or offerings we make in pūjā or prayer is “Mohan-bhog”. It’s made with flour, sugar, ghee and other ingredients. This word is comprised of two Hindi words; “Mohan” (charming, evokes pleasure; another name for Lord Krishna) and “bhog” (pleasure, delight, enjoyment; usually from food). “Bhog” because of its reference of pleasure from food yields the Hindi word for food “bhojan”. Also, in Hinduism, “bhog” refers specifically to food offered to the Gods for their enjoyment.

The use of Mohan-bhog as prasād is unique to areas like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal, areas from where our ancestors came from in India during indentureship.

“HINDI SAMJHAANA” (Explaining Hindi) Presented by Sham G. Ali ( Official Fanpage ) with the assistance of Dr. Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani


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